Posted by Hazel Dream on 2:02 PM

I could see a glimpse of me and my foolish optimism.
Lonely and complaining.
Cheers to our masculine aloofness which remains with us all our existence.
Waiting for a Pink spring.Her rainbow dreams. Yellow arms. Crimson sinful lips. Eyes deep like pool of heshbon, words like nectar. Red breath to melt my own soul
Let her vanity mold me to my desired destiny



hyacinth says:

lovely...once more. i am hyacinth from calcutta :)

is that it... does a city complets you????...you must be a self mesmerized bengali

i'd want to

we all want more ..haah we humans and our lecher life

ash says:



now where have i heard the phrase foolish optimism before...

thanks for dropping by my blog. cheers.

hyacinth says:

i'm just who u want me to be :)

azure sky says:

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

hmm help me to figure out what do i want Hycinth

azure says:

Dream merchant->I think u have enuf intellect...u dont have to ask a dimwit like hyacinth to help u figure out what u want.

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