A tribute to ?

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Who is this Poet? Ego?
Who is this Ego? Poet?
In this preposterous fib there is Sound.
Sound enveloped around incoherent theater.
But who is this Story teller?
Poet in search of his ego?
Or ego search of his Poet?


Decolonizing Maths and Science

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Decolonising Our Universities - Fifth Session from TV Multiversity on Vimeo.



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Western liberalism is Elitist. It creates an individual who has no responsibility towards the cosmos. He stands for his ideology and instincts. He stands for his group and not for the universe.

He evolved from copying the Victorian privileged.
His individualism is his way to feel himself and not to study himself.
His individualism is his way to look at his instinct and senses in isolation and not part of cosmos. His individualism is a way to feel his instinct without his spiritualism.
He evolved from his poverty. He wanted to relish materialism of east without its original social and civilizational structure.
He is a monster consuming himself



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I have been collecting adjectives for myself. Don’t know why.
No, not because they provide definition, after all definitions are not “out there”.
They are not in “things” but inside my perception .
Definitions just rents the lodging to "things" in my perception.
No, not because they provide serenity from slavery of verbs .
I know that this quest of autonomy from verbs is just a trance.
No not because that they adorn noun .
Greed has already taken over vanity in the name of economics .
Adjective can’t find harmony with noun anymore.
Is this gluttony for world or word?


History of I

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I invented confidence out of my ignorance.
I nurtured my ignorance with my confidence.
I made a universe out of my confident ignorance.
I became confident ignorance.


origins of monotheistic religions

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Theorizing Indianness

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A window open
Secluded from my resolve
Adolescence disregarded it
Immortality was aching for it
Faith saw atonement seeping through it
Immortality saw freedom
And the Pilgrim grinned
This is liberty from freedom,
My friend
And I smiled at Pilgrim



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Hide me from the hidden me
As I forgot the lost one
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Words streaming down thy soul
Searching fragrant shores
No, oh my lord
They don't need a fable
Just few phrases
& an exclaimation
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The conquest lost to its own deceit
And the deceit laughed at its conquest



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Anonymity is the most Honest introduction between Humans …
it has a tinge of mystery which whirls the inquisitive atoms in our existence.
It has a dash of Risk which we all face in human relations.
It has a trace of adventure which our mundane existence craves for.


Two Suns in the sky

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Two Suns in the sky (Dyo Ilioi ston Ourano) is a film about the time (4th/5th centuries CE) when Greece was transformed from a country of philosophers/free thinkers and heroes to a country of Christ . It was a time when the schools of Philosophy were closed down and the Olympic games were banned.

The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Athens has evidently suppressed the distribution of this film and its conversion to DVD, you can watch it online in youtube.



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Data is the reason of analysis
Perception is the result of purpose
Emotion is the reason of purpose
Purpose is the reason of analysis
Analysis is the result of perception

Somewhere in between is the logic

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Logic & emotion

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Our existence is stuck between emotion and logic and we have learned to use logic for the justification of our emotions.
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History and Self

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Can you remove self from Happenings?
After all you are part of happening

Events are emotions
So how can you isolate emotions from events and proclaim them Facts

If this is true then History is “someone else “ and not what happened
Commentary is ideology and not the empirical fact.

Then what is the truth
How can you find “universal “ in this world
Specially in the time when individuality is a “IN” Thing



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“People in the West have acquired considerable skill in interpreting and manipulating law. Any conflict is solved according to the letter of the law and this is considered to be the supreme solution. If one is right from a legal point of view, nothing more is required. Nobody will mention that one could still not be entirely right, and urge self-restraint, a willingness to renounce such legal rights, sacrifice and selfless risk. It would sound simply absurd. One almost never sees voluntary self-restraint. Everybody operates at the extreme limit of those legal frames.”

“I will tell you that a society without any objective legal scale is a terrible one indeed. But a society with no other scale than the legal one is not quite worthy of man either. A society which is based on the letter of the law and never reaches any higher is taking very scarce advantage of the high level of human possibilities. The letter of the law is too cold and formal to have a beneficial influence on society. Whenever the tissue of life is woven of legalistic relations, there is an atmosphere of moral mediocrity, paralyzing man’s noblest impulses.”
- Alexander Solzhenitsyn, on 8 June 1978 at Harvard University

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Strip your attire
Strip them as they are for others
By others and
are others.
How long can you walk
With lies and illusions
Oh my motherland strip yourself
It’s time to gaze at yourself


Language and organisations

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  • Stagnancy in human thought results is Ideology, religion and organizations.
  • Languages and words are shaped by ideology, society and organizations
  • Language and words are used by ideologies and organizations to cultivate and slave individuals.
  • Sincerity in these Languages and words limits our thinking ability.



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Identity is differentiation from others.

Yet it uses others to define self

What a wretched irony.

Every Identity is layered with so many different definitions

I am a Man, an Indian, a Hindu, a Brahmin, a North Indian, a Bourgeois,

I exploit them on various different circumstances

I have No idea what they represent

Duties or Privileges?

But who cares.

What a Pathetic Irony.


Full Circle

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Who are you?

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Who are you?

Staring at the gibberish

Are you looking for me?

Or are you probing yourself

No my cherished stranger

You are just searching “I” in the “we”

So which one is the most appropriate question?

Is it here?

Are you here?

Are we here?

No I am not looking for objective truth

Just a subjective Opinion



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Who is the Hero of Mahabharata?

Based on our ideology, There are so many to choose .

from perplexed and articulated Arjuna ,to inquisitive and feminist Kunti .

From wicked Krishna to malicious Karna.

But why do we need Heroes ? why it cant be a chronicle of Life .

Why Nihilism has become the foundation of modernity?

Has it subjugated everything?

From Capitalism to human ingenuity.

After all Life is not about nihilistic Individualism conquering our collective consciousness.

Has this Abrahamic Idea of "one" mesmerized our sense of universal consciousness?



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Mind has Questions
The Problem with Question is that it leads us to a direction.

1. What, who and which? - Identity
2. When? - time
3. Where? - place
4. How? - Causal chain
5. Why? - Belief, purpose

Directions or purpose pleases our mind,
Mind which is playing a game of inventing justification for our actions.
Are we not becoming slaves of our own mind,Which is trying to proves its rationality by inventing the justifications of our existence and actions?
Actions which are not in my control.
And existence?
Iam still not able to decide if I am the result of existence or this existence is result of me.



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Comparetive Science of Culture

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Just Another Moment

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What passes through faster?

vainness or the end of oblivion?

I am flanked between these two .



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Romance called Man as Phenomenon

And Pleasure as the consequence of Love,

Reason smiled and proclaimed Man as serendipity

And Love as consequence of Procreation,

And poor Man

In his quest to be man, frowned

Resposibility is the consequence of Love

He said .

Life smirked through its cruality

“Oh my beloved perplexed cause

Its – All of the above


Definition II ?

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  • Civilization – Question by an effect- if it is a cause of an individual or effect of a group.

  • Culture - bewilderment about who is in control, an individual will or collective consciousness.

  • Capitalism –Struggle between an Individual will and collective consciousness to exploit each other. (and both end up getting fucked )

  • Democracy –scheme where collective consciousness proves its ridiculousness .



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Humans don’t have liberty, they don’t have opportunity either. They have fake pickings wrapped around some collective attitude.

Free human action is one in which a human is permitted to act as he or she wishes without the judgment of culture.


The Others

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As I stopped thinking ,I started thinking about why I stopped thinking.

why is this I dissimilar from the one who is thinking?

Why is that thinking one refuse to concede I ?

What is I ?

who is the real I ?

The one who is thinking or the one who is thinking about the other thinker?



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Every ideology moves towards its extreme,slowly but surely and at that extreme its survival or progress is decided. Imperialism produced Hitler, Monotheism produced Papal dictatorship and inhuman Caliphate .
Liberal philosophy produced political weakness of Civilization and ultimately its thousand years of slavery .

some Humans are blind and they cant learn from history .



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I endure self.

My love is in my desires, not in your being

My deity resides in bliss and yours in misery

My perception the certainty and yours chauvinism

Why culture is linked with ego?


Just another Comment

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No capitalist system has not failed but it has Shifted .

it is demolishing the brackets of nationalism .

every capable individual will get his share irrespective of his national or racial identity .

This foundation of capitalist shift was laid when currency was linked with human motivation .

Till now capitalism was for few nations which can stop the skills , motivation , resources and reward to move beyond its own boundaries .

Capital needs Profits to survive and Profit needs three factors to grow

  • Man power
  • Innovation of New Systems & Technologies
  • Political Power


capital will not stay where desires of human resource makes it so expensive that it starts effecting the growth of capital itself (Profit).

Western societies are demanding more and more from the capital to satisfy their desires and in turn contributing less towards it , because with desires comes the fake sense of individualism . this Individualism wants to relish the desires and this takes the time and resources from its own ability to work and contribute to capital.


Innovation was and is a tool which middle class used to climb up the hierarchy of capitalism .

It was about developing a new system which makes the same old job to be done faster and better.

Innovation is no more limited to USA and Europe .

The emergence of middle class in other Societies has lead to new “others” contributing and asking for their rewards from the system .

Political Power

Political Power comes with better Manpower and Innovating abilities of the society .

Manufacturing has moved to china because Chinese are ready to compromise on their desires and work for their basic needs first , and this gives enough space for capital to grow. the same reason makes back office support systems to shift to India .

so this futile attempt to make profit without balancing it with equal amount of human activity in western Societies will collapse. how will the individual in western societies pay for its desires when the capital has excluded him from the chain of human motivation ?

And the thought that Few Individuals or few Organizations will earn enough to feed the rest of Western Societies is a failed thought .

Desires will make Individual expensive for Capital and Capitalism will Jump from developed Societies (with developed sense of individulism and addiction to desires) to new ones .



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Love is inappropriate for humanity without envy.Jealousy is the culmination of civilization

Its jealousy which gives soul to love.It gives the self and responsibility to love ,without which it loses its ego.Vanity has no relevance without Lust.because it is the Lust which transforms vanity into art,into exhibition,Into craving for recognition.

Evil evolved as a justification for existence,not divinity



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I wanted to see him but realized “I" is within "HIM"

To “want to see" is "I"'s limitation

And afar "Realization' is limitation of "Him"

We both are within each others  limitation

Discontented like "desire" 


New Year -2009

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What we are moving towards, exist in our desires.

 We have a representation of it in our sense of  prudence .Like a Pantheist with its egalitarian world view let me remind the occasion.We will make you what we  are , because you are  a measurement of me .

 So surge on with me  to a  new moment,run with me on a chariot of efforts.

we are like shores of a boisterous tributary,We shall originate together once never to convene

A happy 2009


Labyrinth 2

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Discern the grey stranger, O flaming spirit
From the nostalgia of ache that scripts the mirage of existence
Haughtiness of knowledge, scared of solitude of wisdom
Do I exist in infidelity of perception?
Oh this Spirit of game that ambiguity acts
Expressions without harmony, their colors without purpose Floating in the dusk without moon.



Posted by Hazel Dream on 8:38 AM

Rationality is not a mens virtue because truth is still a quest .Like a Labyrinths of his own Intellect he roams around his own ludicrousness .He find brief solace in his self made desires because he wants to please his selfish , narrow delusions , delusions wrapped with emotions .

but I wonder if morality is a consequence of his emotion or quest of rationality ?

it must be the consequence of morality I am sure , because morality has become so cruel , so irrational that humanity loses its connotation in front of this obsession through the creation of its own opium .

Is this because, morality is group and rationality is individual ? then I wonder , may be, group Creation must be the reason , yes group creation , creativity with the help of acceptance of others must be the reason , quest to overcome himself .. Conquer the sublimity of individualism , defeat the perfection of divinity .

Morality of Faith , religions, Political ideologies , Social commitments , socially rewarding aspiration made from borrowed dreams social hierarchies to satisfy inflated fake Self .
And I overlooked the consequences , 100 years of crusades , brutality of Papal kingdom , butchery of Political ideologies .

how and why the acceptence of others so important ? when did this morality has become a grade , a control of his own nature, his own dreams ?

Will man grow up someday , beyond his own inadequacy .



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Why a ship needs a captain and a map?
why cant it wander towards unfamiliar in the ocean without shore , Without anchors?

Those conceited ships with maps and imprudent captains’ stares at my orphanage and I marvel at their slavery?

I was born with lust for freedom but they gave me books with maps of shores
and rewards for believing those sharp words , those

maps of illusion .
Sea is calling me .. with its eternity ..with its pristine ,erotic waves ..
Let Moon be my guide , let Sea be my destiny ,let destiny be my will
let will be my divinity ..
I will make gods from my will


Individual versus Society

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Interesting articles - an American Point of view by David Brooks and another piece by english reporter. May be the American is trying to be different. (A typical American individualism )
how long will people try cliché ?
has he forgotten the stink of brutality from this so called harmonious collectiveness in China .
and sorry asian dont accpet this so called Asian harmonious collectiveness .

It is branded with the coffin of Chinese civilization .
This is slavery.

This dichotomy between individualistic behavior and collectivist behavior is very fundamental to how the world thinks - it is not a simple East-West cultural question. .

But some people like Brooke write to express contrariness , however ugly and false it is .
or is it bewilderment of a mesmerized victim of Chinese marketing ?
Or may be he has been fooled by his own social upbringing where just success and money is criteria of "being good"?

Chinese have failed to develop society but they have mastered the Science and Art of dictatorship .
Thanks to their brutal communism which is not developed by Chinese them self, but imported and then refined with their brutality , after all it serves the purpose of justifying moral dictatorship by showing the fear of intellectualism and individualism to intellectually dumb masses .

Society is a harmonious existence of individuals and society.



Posted by Hazel Dream on 10:51 AM
Rugged feet without hostility
Shrieking query, infuriating slumber trances
I trail unknown shadows of ancient dungeon
Gods without divinity
Beast with slavery of mind
Mind lusting for matter
Matter selling delusions
delusions is that I live



Posted by Hazel Dream on 8:05 AM

and she Continued humming
like the eternity of dream
like the stale hope of her existence

may be she is tracing herself
in every morning sip
of crispy delight

that's existence ...
"I" searching for "you"
in every mundane leaf that I Pick
and finding "We"


Testimonial of a miserable delight

Posted by Hazel Dream on 10:44 PM

Losing the wisdom of loss
Gaining the morbid content ness
Where am I?
Lost like an objectivity
In the mass of subjectivity

Let me have my struggle
Of mighty existence
Give me some ache
And petite sorrow
I won’t lament



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The police carried out a raid and closed a factory. The children, who were working there, were all set free. Some said: “We are orphans. To eat we need a livelihood.” The reply was swift and crude: “It is against the law”.
“Then we will have to beg”, they said, “or else we will have no food.” “That, too, is against the law,” the policeman in charge said rudely.
“If we cannot work and cannot beg, then we will die from hunger,’’ replied the crying children. “That you can do,” was the answer. “There is nothing illegal in dying
by Khushwant Singh

Communism survives on the tragedy of human life by exaggerating it . This exaggerated piece of tragedy is a good example of it .and once they achieve power they make sure that tragedy remains so that they shall have there significance .
communism have one answer for Poverty - Terror and intellectual bankruptcy.



Posted by Hazel Dream on 11:56 PM
Search of Realism arise from our sense of bewilderment from the existence which again is the result of struggle of our intangible mind.
Our mind which s the source of argumemt and counterargument, will never let us decide on truth .

Theologians want a realism , where they shall rule under the guidance of divinity .scientist wants realism where they shall dominate .

hence so called realism becomes the victim of our own slavery of ideology .

How can we find reality without achieving the the freedom of our mind from these ideologies ?


Amir Khan's Torch

Posted by Hazel Dream on 4:55 PM
Amir Khans Logic of Seeing Olympic games as different from Chinese Totalitarian regime is his foolishness . events like Olympic games are tools and Tools in the hands of Regimes becomes extensions of that regimes and its ideology .

These games are used by Chinese communists to proves the success of their Ideology .

No nation is perfect , but the nation and its Policies are different from the behavior of its People .
Gujrat Riots or any incident of human riots violation-by certain section is different from the policies of Indian State . Nation or governments are judged by its reaction and policies on these incidents and not by the behavior of certain smaller section .


Lost Buddha

Posted by Hazel Dream on 1:03 PM

Isn’t, not having any desire is also a desire?
Isn’t Desire makes us what we are, by associating individuality with emotions.
Isn’t Desire a reason for our duties and responsibilities and hence the basis of our civilization.

Who says that violence is the right of only evil?
This is how evil transcends
This is how evil defeats goodness by making struggle violent and making violence part of your guilt.

Stand up For the Karma
Pick up that pebble on the lost Path.
Make it your struggle. Make it your desire.



Posted by Hazel Dream on 8:55 PM

Humanity has no matter . it is a mind governed by its consciousness .
But what about people with defunct consciousness’ or consciousness over taken by slavery of any ideology ?

Why do we need someone else to stimulate our emotions to Guide our Mind to trace our own consciousness ?

Whether its religion with the brand name of divinity or Communism with the authority of foolish morality , we have always been lured in darkness.

Human history is full of these debauchery of arrogant , cruel ideologies .
whether its medieval egotistical monotheistic religions or modern slavery of Communism is USSR and China.

Is this a part of evolution of universal consciousness where struggle between ideologies to out smart each other and own the brand of goodness ?
and we Humans ? what about us ? how long will we suffer ?
How long will we be the pawns in this evolution ?

Individuals represent certain ideologies in there life span , same ancient ideologies which have taken birth and died million times , yet there is no final conquest .

Are we result of our own suffering or is this suffering result of our own "self"
Self always tries to transcend beyond its own definition , hinting towards a universal self , which unfortunately is a place of eternal struggle between these narrow definition , in quest of something beyond definition , beyond grammatical language .

Some day “I” will reach there .

I am slave of  silly optimism


Chinese Civilization and its Leaders

Posted by Hazel Dream on 5:29 PM
The problem is with the Chinese psyche .. they worship Power and Money and thats why communist have been able to lure their souls with materliasm and charm of iron fist . even their cultural revolution is the reflection of their willingness to accept the matter and not mind ..
They reflected the glimpse of vanity of individual souls in Confucius and Tiananmen square but all in vain .. its the long term ideology accepted by social and cultural psyche which shapes the generation and their priorities .

Their willingness to be accpeted and respected by the western world ( Power and Money ) has made them vulnerable to exploitation and Communism has done that beautifully ..
Where else can you see Communism behaving like a 19th Century Capitalist and offering its Poor People as cheap Labour to the factories for the consumption of western world without any basic right, without any social scrutiny .
Sometime Fox also change colors .


Religion and Spiritualism

Posted by Hazel Dream on 9:43 PM
There is and will be a contradictory difference between religion and Spiritualism

Religion Starts with "I believe ".
Spiritualism starts with "I have a question" (I don't believe ).

Religion is accepting.
spiritualism is rejecting and starting of a search which is beyond the limits of accpetence.

Religion is masking Truth with Perception .
Spiritualism is unwrapping of perception from eternal Truth.

Religion will always need a clergy to force and implement the belief.
Spiritualism is a Solitary Journey , Guru is Just a guide.

Spiritualism leads to Wisdom .
Religion Leads to Politics .

Religion Signifies Law of Entropy
Spiritualism defies Law of Entropy


Beyond Idealism

Posted by Hazel Dream on 10:13 PM

Idealism is cowardice
Faith is inhuman
Struggle Fight, conquer.
Buddha is transitory
like an inert purpose on the boulevard
rinse the soil with blood of divinity

Before time consumes you


Against Monotheism

Posted by Hazel Dream on 3:05 PM
Religion is also an ideology .. so Blaming "other" is an escapist route to run away from the responsibility and truth .

A religion or ideology has to be based on Larger Philosophy because the Philosophy will wrap Myth around the underlying basic tenants of philosophy and present it as religion. and if these basic tenants are wrong the religion will fuel hatred .
you have to understand that every religion or every idea shall be judged with Human ethics which is lacking in Islamic world . criticism is not allowed. criticism acts as an balancing tool to weed out wrong things and evolve new .

The basic idea of These Monotheistic religions is that they define "good " within the narrow bracket of religion so you are right just by following Islam or Christianity and everyone else is wrong and will be punished by sending them to hell . So Baba Amte and Mahatma Gandhi will go to hell and will be punished just because they are not Muslim or Christian . This ethical fallacy of these Monotheistic ideology will give birth to arrogant radicals .


China and India

Posted by Hazel Dream on 7:51 PM

Capital needs labour to Survive.
Government uses Labour to smother character.
Intellect needs labour for autopsy .
Bourgeois needs labour for selfish experiment.
Pitiable, wretched , Labour .
When will enlightenment flourish and become liberated from clutches of arrogant intellect and uncaring spiritualism.

May be never .. Life itself becomes the reason for its own pathetic cowardice.

in the world where Faith is contrary to self introspection , labour itself wants to become either capital or government or intellect or maybe bourgeois .. who cares for self...



Posted by Hazel Dream on 12:50 AM

the only one and within!
.. Asked his chariot ..
what do you want?..
Man enslaved by the sloth within
choose indolence ..
Man , that chariot ..Scared of loosing his mirage
Desired blindness of siesta
Only one and within
.. Smiled
and gave him few Prophets ..
A Jesus. A Mohammad .. a silly arrogant Buddha
And million qualms carved from stones

and Man suffered in brutality of his own
Ignorance ..


Vivek Ananda

Posted by Hazel Dream on 8:06 PM
Vivekananda's essay East and the West

The Vedas were the first to find and proclaim the way to Moksha, and from that one source, the Vedas, was taken whatever any great Teacher, say, Buddha or Christ, afterwards taught. Now, they were Sannyasins, and therefore they "had no enemy and were friendly and compassionate towards all". That was well and good for them. But why this attempt to compel the whole world to follow the same path to Moksha? "Can beauty be manufactured by rubbing and scrubbing? Can anybody's love be won by threats or force?" What does Buddha or Christ prescribe for the man who neither wants Moksha nor is fit to receive it? — Nothing! Either you must have Moksha or you are doomed to destruction — these are the only two ways held forth by them, and there is no middle course. You are tied hand and foot in the matter of trying for anything other than Moksha. There is no way shown how you may enjoy the world a little for a time; not only all openings to that are hermetically sealed to you, but, in addition, there are obstructions put at every step. It is only the Vedic religion which considers ways and means and lays down rules for the fourfold attainment of man, comprising Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha. Buddha ruined us, and so did Christ ruin Greece and Rome! Then, in due course of time, fortunately, the Europeans became Protestants, shook off the teachings of Christ as represented by Papal authority, and heaved a sigh of relief. In India, Kumârila again brought into currency the Karma-Mârga, the way of Karma only, and Shankara and Râmânuja firmly re-established the Eternal Vedic religion, harmonising and balancing in due proportions Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha. Thus the nation was brought to the way of regaining its lost life; but India has three hundred million souls to wake, and hence the delay. To revive three hundred millions — can it be done in a day?


Advaita Vedanta -I am Confused

Posted by Hazel Dream on 10:54 PM
Physics tells us that the observer determines the observations. The observer determines the observations because the observer is hallucinating, fiction. So what Physics is trying to tell us that life is our mirage.

Question -

So why should the mind, and its life, change its ways from sleep-dreams to when it hallucinates that it wakes up every morning, to study the likes of physics?

As Advaita Says that thoughts had universe-vanishing gaps between them. These universe-vanishing gaps made it universally impossible for thoughts to be connected to each other.Thoughts were not only disconnected but they were totally unpredictable. As Science would call this unpredictability their Uncertainty Principle.

Question -
Is mind just a collection of thoughts just like a book is a collection of words. And thus sleep-dreams and life are made up of the same thoughts, the mind

Question -
Is life and its physics, and universe, does not need a Big Bang to start? or end? the story of life , because it can start and end just as EFFORTLESSLY and quickly and totally as can any sleep-dream start and end

This chimera, or invented story, fantasy, we call the mind/life which advaita called Maya. And this Maya makes everything that appears certain, “real,” into karma

Question -

So there is no doer, that can agree or disagree. And this simple fact – that there is no doer, that there is no other -- makes the best joke, called mind, really-really amusing.

Question -
“there is no other” called God ?Is god just the creation of our Mind ,just another character for our fantasy of life?


New Year

Posted by Hazel Dream on 5:51 PM
I wrote this Last year and posting it again . looks like Time repeats it self .

Like Every thing else in this Universe , Time is also a victim of our rainbow perception. There are two ways of seeing the mighty Time

1) Time is part of the fundamental structure of the universe, a dimension in which events occur in sequence .

2) Time is part of the fundamental structure of Human intellect within which we sequence events, sequence the duration of events and the intervals between them, and compare the motions of objects.

We can measure time and classify it within our selfish emotions of happiness, ecstasy , sad, melancholy , and many others or time measures us within its cycle of Tretayug, satyug and Kalyug as described in Hindu philosophy and make us as just a helpless victim of time .

So whether this so called New year is real and exist and is a measures of our existence or just an illusion created by human intellect , we cant deny its existence.

So let’s wish ourselves, rest all of you and the also the authoritative time



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