Cinema Paradiso

Posted by Hazel Dream on 10:25 PM

Edward Copeland has posted the results of his poll, along with some great pictures and lots of comments, I dont know if I can agree with this list or not as I have seen only few of these and are part of my collection .perceptions differ .




who do we have here..:)
congratulations first on being a part of neha's life.
i know what u mean...but i have too much to fight with...memories are just a part of it. neha will tell u sometime im sure.
btw this photo is from 'breathless' not 'cinema paradiso'...!!!!!
i have a second blog of poetry too...do check it :)

Thank you for your wishes .
Umm yes she will I am sure .. but i prefer horses mouth :)

No this Photo is not fron breathless .. this photo is from Jules et Jim (a french classic) but Cinema Paradiso ( Cinema Paradise) is the title of this post , which signifies my interest for Cinema :)

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