Individual versus Society

Posted by Hazel Dream on 3:10 PM


Interesting articles - an American Point of view by David Brooks and another piece by english reporter. May be the American is trying to be different. (A typical American individualism )
how long will people try cliché ?
has he forgotten the stink of brutality from this so called harmonious collectiveness in China .
and sorry asian dont accpet this so called Asian harmonious collectiveness .

It is branded with the coffin of Chinese civilization .
This is slavery.

This dichotomy between individualistic behavior and collectivist behavior is very fundamental to how the world thinks - it is not a simple East-West cultural question. .

But some people like Brooke write to express contrariness , however ugly and false it is .
or is it bewilderment of a mesmerized victim of Chinese marketing ?
Or may be he has been fooled by his own social upbringing where just success and money is criteria of "being good"?

Chinese have failed to develop society but they have mastered the Science and Art of dictatorship .
Thanks to their brutal communism which is not developed by Chinese them self, but imported and then refined with their brutality , after all it serves the purpose of justifying moral dictatorship by showing the fear of intellectualism and individualism to intellectually dumb masses .

Society is a harmonious existence of individuals and society.



I was prompted to say so many things the very day you posted this… somehow I controlled that urge….
Western writers, thinkers, and even philosophers have a way to think and articulate, eastern have another… the basic divide stands and yet both have many subsets and school of thought that remain unspoken of. Humans by their very nature categories and analyze any give information based on prejudice… so it is said that there isn’t anything call cognition it is always recognition… we all born in a particular set of idea and as we grow we just articulate and modulate the very tacit thought we are born with.
Which way of thinking is accepted depends upon who has the power to propagate. This world has come to think that the structured knowledge is the only acceptable form of knowledge cause people who had the media with them could spread it well… so the other way is called tangential…
The two cannot meet at large small bunch of people still believe in correctness of both ways and/or rather multiple ways… and I agree they are too less and with too less power of propaganda that this world will keep on believing in one way of thinking in many many years to come.
At such state when we don’t accept even the most understandable categories do you think the inner layers could be explored?…. I don’t think so… maybe I sound pessimist but I would say I don’t wish the world to know that I have a way different to what is accepted as Asian and yet I am truly Asian.
Why I would want this world to recognize my way… why I should be bothered that the world know that I think differently than the collective conscious of Asians. Why I need to propagate… if I have a way for myself and I can walk on it that would be enough for me for this lifetime… isn’t it….
I know this is a tangential remark… but who said I am a structured person….

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