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Posted by Hazel Dream on 6:48 PM
Religions based on One Mans Proclamations of divinity always suffer from insecurity. They lack the maturity to undergo the critical scrutiny of apprehensive nature of Man.
They suffer from self obsessed gods
If Mr. Pope thinks Christianity have eternal right to buy the free spirit to convert them to sheep then let him know that his shepherd is false.
Wish His God bless Pope with little commonsense.



LOL. To each their own. Really no one religion is inherently better than the other. But that is just my opinion.

warning says:

Where media & Youth for equality went wrong:-
while the agitation against affirmative action gets away with calling itself "Students for Equality"! The same students, among them women, are never asked why we still have women's colleges, with women teachers, separate lines for women, reserved seats for women and so on, and that they must look at discrimination and disparity in a broader framework than just encompassing gender, which the women's movement in fact does.

rather than a watch dog for democracy, on this issue the media has been egging on an agitation that epitomises self interest over social interest. Rather than arguing for or promoting reflection, it has been contributing to falsifying and narrowing the terms of the debate. It is also ensuring that those participating in the anti-reservation protests rather than being given opportunity for genuine reflection are lulled into believing they are fighting for equality, and a higher moral ground. On this issue the media has not even thought it necessary to maintain a neutral stance; it has come out openly as the arm of the ruling classes.Especially Times of India...im am ashamed that media is trying to brain wash ppl & is this how media behaves?they are misusing their power by misguiding common masses.
Eg-there's this very famous indian newsreader of a channel-RS(u must be intelligent enuf to guess,whom i am referring to)-suddenly his wife has come to the limelight & reporting big time on a tv channel-wud anyone plz check her credentials!Isnt NEPOTISM working here?Arent relatives of high flying ppl given a particular job & deserving ppl pushed out of it in many cases?Why do the gen candidates cry hoarse abt merit being sidelined?huh?

warning says:

EG-> One editor of a famous news weekly has a Sangh background. It was said that he could not write even two pages of a report in English. Today, he heads such a big
organization and under him are a number of meritorious editors suffocating
and grinning. There are similar stories in other media organizations where
the meritorious reporters and editors have to work with politically crooked

The case of Justice KG Balakrishnan is a reminder. Justice Balakrishnanas'
name was Suggested by late President K.R.Narayanan. The media made hue and
cry. Narayanan wrote that there are many efficient judges from Dalits, Backward and tribal categories and they should be given representation in judiciary. The answer
he got from the Government was that Balakrishnan was competent judge but
underage. But the real fear was that if Justice Bala Krishanan is not denied
due opportunity, he would be one of the longest serving Chief Justices of
Indian Supreme Court, nearly for six years. That is the matter of concern
for the manipulators. Upper castes wanted judiciary to remain in their hand

Recently, an outlook story pointed out how a senior officer belonging to
Scheduled Castes was first made Deputy Governor and then demoted. Such
injustices against Dalits happen in large number. If there is no quota, we
know the upper castes have no respect for merit

Our Industries so far are domain of Marwaris run on family business. I am
sure Rahul Bajaj would not appoint any other meritorious person as head of
his organization against his own children. I am sure he wont claim that he
has the best brain.

Merit is nothing but a Dronacharya syndrome.
The National Knowledge Commission, appointed by the prime minister, in a 6-2 opinion had opposed reservations.Remember Sam pitroda's infamous comments?
Perhaps the commission is not able to make a distinction between commercial knowledge, in which they seem to be interested, and knowledge that sustained India for generations. It is in this context one needs to understand the relation between knowledge and reservations.
The majority of the commission has not provided any empirical evidence that reservations will harm the accumulation of knowledge.

The commission has showed complete lack of understanding of social concerns. Mere technical or business expertise does not constitute expertise to comment on social issues.
Hindus failed to write even their two great epics the Mahabharata and Ramayana. We all know that these epics were written by sage Vyasa and sageValmiki. The third Epic, the constitution of Modern India was written by Ambedkar himself. All three happened to be

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