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This book questions the ways in which we understand what it means to be human, both scientifically and culturally. Using Knowledge of evolutionary biology and neuroscience, he portrays a very deeply pessimistic view of human beings. This book views humans as beasts or zombies.

The author act as a judge and demolishes all the good things which we have built to prove our existence. This book reminds me of you and your Opinion about me .

We as an internal being who would like nothing more than to manage the conflict of interactions with people and our own emotions ,are entangled in this web called life . This interaction of our life is always the victim of struggle between my moral ethical being and my beastly instincts . I can not be spared of the cruel sight of the moral dissecting table

But you as an outsider , as a judge ,as a spectator, surveying my behavior , dissecting my life shall remember Mary Magdalene and Jesus .



Hi - thx for visiting my blog! i loved ur profile (about me - applause for that!) and have left a comment on ur motherhood blog (do read it).

u seem to have depth ...feels good!
how did you come to my blog?

we cud remember the pierta too, just like the mona lisa smile. shud being dissected by strangers in the mirror be so frightening. isn't vanity man's best and easy vice?


Hi Lo Welcome ,

Your words are like your footprints they leave fragrance

Just dropped by..

Our life IS a struggle to maintain a balance between wisdom and insanity, reality and dreamz, fact and fiction.. In that struggle we fail to realise wat we ahve become..


Dear Rose ,
Wisdom and insanity ,reality and dream, fact and friction... everything is flase ... the struggle is to find the ultimate truth among the proximate opinions.

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compulsion of being a victim... you have an opinion to take refuge in someother place ..

I really don't know what to say or how to expresss what I feel... Your blog is different from any I have visited till now... It has depth and a strange mystery in it...

I sure am coming back here!

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