Chapter 1

Posted by Hazel Dream on 10:00 AM
She is a Pretty Kid, like a crispy sandwich with Just 19 mysterious springs which have caressed her innocence. We share the same stairway at the same time, wishing each other with different smiles.
Her smile is little timid and crimson, mine little dry and heavy, laden with a fake courtesy.
Well, I was told that those smiles at the stairway were coincidences only from my side .

O these drops of illusions
Falling from the haze of black desire
There is a temptation from Phoenix
Come, indulge in vanity



Anonymous says:

who told you that those smiles at the stairway were coincidences from your side. were they?

yups coincidence

so they're really just coincidences. what about from her side? and who is that who told you they were coincidences in the first place?

o you too are too good with words and thoughts. "drops of illusion" "haze of black desire" and "indulge in vanity" .... a poet is hidden in you, nurture it. "Coincidences from my side" --- this bit though is out of place, as coincidence is causal only when two ends meet. oe end cannot bring that to happen

How come you added the second paragraph? any significance, and why didn't you include it initially? don't you think coincidences happen by divine intervention?

Who told u they were conincidences? But yes that one word just changed everything....

coinicidences hmnn....Smiles are just infectious....

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