Huh God

Posted by Hazel Dream on 2:58 PM

May be my own intellect is playing games with me, may be I cant understand because I dont wana understand , may be I am slave of my own expectation and god is my expectation .I made god as unattainable and I love him that way.

If he is in everything then is he in ignorence too??

May be he is not anything or in everything .
May be he is beyond everything.
Even beyond my pain and my prayers.



do you think if you made him attainable he would not be beyond your pain and prayers.. I think it doesn't matter what you make of god as long as it works for you.
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God is not beyond your prayers and pains, only if you allow Him to be a part He makes the belief in Him felt. but if you detach Him from you like a distant pole star, he will only be a part of the milky way and not your existence.

Cool drawing. didn't know u were an artist. reflects the agony of man. but why does man have to experience so much agony? why can't he just find peace in the universe just the way it is.

Sometimes I feel God is always with me.. so near that I can feel him...And yet at times he seems so far off, unattainable.... "Even beyond my pain and my prayers".

This post has inspired me to put one on my page too..do stop by and read

"My God - Me"

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