Against Monotheism

Posted by Hazel Dream on 3:05 PM
Religion is also an ideology .. so Blaming "other" is an escapist route to run away from the responsibility and truth .

A religion or ideology has to be based on Larger Philosophy because the Philosophy will wrap Myth around the underlying basic tenants of philosophy and present it as religion. and if these basic tenants are wrong the religion will fuel hatred .
you have to understand that every religion or every idea shall be judged with Human ethics which is lacking in Islamic world . criticism is not allowed. criticism acts as an balancing tool to weed out wrong things and evolve new .

The basic idea of These Monotheistic religions is that they define "good " within the narrow bracket of religion so you are right just by following Islam or Christianity and everyone else is wrong and will be punished by sending them to hell . So Baba Amte and Mahatma Gandhi will go to hell and will be punished just because they are not Muslim or Christian . This ethical fallacy of these Monotheistic ideology will give birth to arrogant radicals .



thanks for sharing..
interesting..the excluvism, if I may add, is the construction of a clergy that wants social control and power and not promote spirituality and love of God and His creations

Dear Raza

Welcome , but Clergy is the result of that ideology

When we analyze religion or rather religions we should always consider the socio economic circumstances of the same. I agree that this would lead to another question of adaptability and timelessness of the religion as well but for the time being we can keep this at bay.
Both Islam and Christianity sprung at time where life wasn’t easy saving life meant killing. Both spread amongst the oppressed and so had to have monotheism as the central idea. Look at the earlier religion popular before these two in the same geographies you would know the reason.
Human mind accepts changes only when it sooths what’s troubling it. Mass mind could be tamed only with strategic and intelligent steps. Religion is one such strategy. It’s and had always been tool to rule or help to rule.
Somehow I can’t believe religion should be a way to giving answer which most religions try to be but it should be to raise questions which no religion allows… (Leave those which are interrogations like Advaita which is an inquiry in monotheism)

But who is to define "human-ethics"?

It will ultimately be subjective. And correct me if I am wrong, EVERY religion tries to put a bracket on things which are right and excludes others which are wrong. How do you bring monotheism to this equation?

Dear Rakesh

Right and Wrong has to be judged by the eternal rules of ethics which is inherent to human concousness ..
For eg- Thy not steal , Thy not kill . these rules cant be subjective .. they are eternal and are right in every society and every Epoch .

monotheism tends to difne things within there perspective and remember God is truth + perception .

Dear Rakesh
SImple rules of Judging ethics -
Behave the way you want others to behave with you . and this is objective

Your question is pertinent. However let me explain in detail. Clergy is a product of 'power' and an instrument of social control - most religions have no room for such organized keepers of religion. For instance in Buddhism there was no such place but now we have monks, their orders, monastries etc. In Islam, this was a result of the Kings and Empire's need for legitimacy. Similarly, the Roman Empire created the clergies for political and social control.

The bare essentials of religious or the better word would be spiritual, experience is one's inner self and its relationship with Nature, Cosmos and the primordial conception of God.

Organized religion does not bring much happiness or contentment - it has actually led to wars, bloodshed and violence.

In the Holy Quran, as I can speak of it more comfortably, there is no provision of clergy and not even an Islamic state. Same is true for other book-based religions.

Loving soul has also made a valid point on the monotheism and its impact. I agree with her.

Dear Raza
The Problem is that we tend to confuse two contradictory things.
Morality and Ethics or Religion and Spiritualism . these are two different and contradictory things .
Religion will always Produce a clergy because its the clergy who has produced it .
I am posting my New Post to express my opinion about this confusion .

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