Beyond Idealism

Posted by Hazel Dream on 10:13 PM

Idealism is cowardice
Faith is inhuman
Struggle Fight, conquer.
Buddha is transitory
like an inert purpose on the boulevard
rinse the soil with blood of divinity

Before time consumes you



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I so completely agree to you and it’s so much near to what I had been contemplating for sometime.
You might have written this in distress. there is a Buddha in all of us who wants to run away to discover himself... so I say when he discovers himself it ought to be transitory... nothing lasts if it doesn’t suit the time... and the time is the only faith... u expect faith to be treating all unequal equally... time is such, it treats all equally.
What strikes me in this is your use of Buddha as the metaphor of (if I am not wrong) peace and non violence which is well accepted across the globe but somehow I could never come in terms with it.
I would prefer Krishna as a metaphor of all peace, love, all good and all bad. But he is a difficult subject.
Sometimes I feel that what you write has a third layer of meaning (one which world understands, one which I understand and another which you want to be known on rereading your writings hundred times)
happy writing

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