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The police carried out a raid and closed a factory. The children, who were working there, were all set free. Some said: “We are orphans. To eat we need a livelihood.” The reply was swift and crude: “It is against the law”.
“Then we will have to beg”, they said, “or else we will have no food.” “That, too, is against the law,” the policeman in charge said rudely.
“If we cannot work and cannot beg, then we will die from hunger,’’ replied the crying children. “That you can do,” was the answer. “There is nothing illegal in dying
by Khushwant Singh

Communism survives on the tragedy of human life by exaggerating it . This exaggerated piece of tragedy is a good example of it .and once they achieve power they make sure that tragedy remains so that they shall have there significance .
communism have one answer for Poverty - Terror and intellectual bankruptcy.



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you just gave me a great idea for a new post. politics!

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