Posted by Hazel Dream on 11:56 PM
Search of Realism arise from our sense of bewilderment from the existence which again is the result of struggle of our intangible mind.
Our mind which s the source of argumemt and counterargument, will never let us decide on truth .

Theologians want a realism , where they shall rule under the guidance of divinity .scientist wants realism where they shall dominate .

hence so called realism becomes the victim of our own slavery of ideology .

How can we find reality without achieving the the freedom of our mind from these ideologies ?



to wander is the nature of mind ... whether the ideology drives it or not is not the matter... most human follow ideologies... some invent new... some go beyond all to make mind rest... it is believed mind finds rest in atman so they seek atman... so they say that’s only is real... again this is also an ideology...
Personally i feel if one can make this mind thoughtless could achieve reality...
Unless it is free from ideology real is impossible to achieve...at the same time the moment we start defining real we have to bank on ideology...
So let this real be undefined if we are to achieve REALITY...

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