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Rationality is not a mens virtue because truth is still a quest .Like a Labyrinths of his own Intellect he roams around his own ludicrousness .He find brief solace in his self made desires because he wants to please his selfish , narrow delusions , delusions wrapped with emotions .

but I wonder if morality is a consequence of his emotion or quest of rationality ?

it must be the consequence of morality I am sure , because morality has become so cruel , so irrational that humanity loses its connotation in front of this obsession through the creation of its own opium .

Is this because, morality is group and rationality is individual ? then I wonder , may be, group Creation must be the reason , yes group creation , creativity with the help of acceptance of others must be the reason , quest to overcome himself .. Conquer the sublimity of individualism , defeat the perfection of divinity .

Morality of Faith , religions, Political ideologies , Social commitments , socially rewarding aspiration made from borrowed dreams social hierarchies to satisfy inflated fake Self .
And I overlooked the consequences , 100 years of crusades , brutality of Papal kingdom , butchery of Political ideologies .

how and why the acceptence of others so important ? when did this morality has become a grade , a control of his own nature, his own dreams ?

Will man grow up someday , beyond his own inadequacy .



Morality is mostly irrational.... (Leave aside my disbelief in morality as a concept... in popular culture too it’s mostly irrational)... for the first time you seem to accept this... :)
All personal quests are ludicrousness... aren’t they... until they prove and provide well to society.... as per the desire of mass... and yet again its irrational... all demands, desires and expectations are irrational only because they are consequence of will... and will is usually the result of ego.... in the name of collective consciousness we had been suppressed and the individual never could show up...
I personally don’t believe in morality... and I do only believe in rationality... strange thing is the more I think more the rationality too is becoming more and more personal... what is personal to me doesn’t seem to be rational to others... yet again i should accept that the training of an individual and his understanding of rationality....
Born as human we should all accept the shortcomings of this life as well... knowing that there are loop wholes help to resolve it better.... if at all... and hope we shall one day.... just don’t stop dreaming.... trying... in this life you are to break it.... but you need not shatter it... go slow... All the best....

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