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Our purpose is laced with our perception. In this selfish existence where we all want to be seen and refuse to see, truth becomes an elusion.

Nice to know that u exist in both the world. One realistic, cold selfish and mundane world and other warm paradiso of your fantasy world where He exists with you.
Wish I could request you let me steal few glimpse of your paradise and your Angel. But I am too judgmental for that. still I wish someday u shall get your Angel who shall wrap his existence around you and you both vanish in each other to resurrect beauty

Quest for Reason is the reason for suffering and essence of our journey. If there would have been no hope of existence of reason we would have not been living. Although I am an atheist and the quest for reasons is my escape from reality I also hate reason. Why is that reason, that one truth so elusive????.....

Happiness is a sign of selfishness. Happiness is quest of our will to create a version of universe where our wishes command the world. So let’s continue playing chess

Bullshit there is nothing called as eternal happiness. Being unhappy with present is Humanity .that’s what is our essence .that’s what makes the concept of utopia and that’s why we have dreams. And Buddha????? That’s idiot who run away from reality of our life and pain. Middle path?? Nonsense. Eternal happiness is in being unhappy with being optimistic

Hmm have you Heard of Phoenix? Who resurrects herself from Ashes of Death...? Pain is the essential nectar don’t run away from it. I have been through that street of pain many times and every time i came out a better human.dont try to be Buddhist and be a coward

Death is not a destiny it’s a part of journey. I am Hindu Brahmin :)

Ignorant soul searching Lone Lane in a erroneous world. I have been to that street many times there a'nt any everlasting Love lane. And then I realized I was blindfolded with selfish love.Open your blindfold let the eternal sunshine seep in your heart and you will find that street. It’s within you .let that street open wash it with knowledge and someone will walk in.

Your arms ... refuge from the coldness of our intellect which never let us find any answer. May be journey is our destiny



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Anonymous says:

What a powerful intellect you have!!...and i will have to mullover your words...Thanks :)
hope a comment is okay with you...you sound so much like someone i talk to...

Anonymous says:

It’s within you .let that street open wash it with knowledge and someone will walk in....
sorry didnt include this in the previous comment...not that what i feel matters..
Yes happiness is within us ...all of us and when we peel away all the layers of ignorance , the selfish thoughts and mundane layers of ego...it is there waiting for us to tap into


sounds like adrenaline, pheromones to me, being the american that i am! ;)

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