My Pieces

Posted by Hazel Dream on 7:27 PM

Pieces of my existence
Scattered around cruel epoch
Today with my cold memories
I tried to trace them

Few pieces were in my Diary
Like rumblings of my wild pen
Appointments, meetings, schedule
Ugly images of my restless ambition

Few pieces are still floating
In that sweat drop created by our undressed love
Its lust to kiss every pore of your beauty
till Its mortal destiny

Few pieces strangled on your fallen hair
Which doesn’t wane from my Pillow
It pricks my heart with its fragrance

Few Pieces floating around me
In that soft erotic moans and squeal
Which you left
Tucked in my white bed sheet

Few Pieces as your sweet taste
On my tongue
And my lust Cradled between your tender thighs

My existence which I lost among the naked pages
Of my ambitious diary
I am inventing that existence in your memories



Arrey wah
Kiya passion hai..
Very nicely put together..Have you heard: Gulzar's "Mera Kuch Samaan" from Ijazat..

very well-written....brings back all those memories......touching!

hi sheetal, welcome...we were trying to reach you on your blog which seem to be protected. please open your doors for us.

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