Ghost through a Window

Posted by Hazel Dream on 9:48 AM

The day since ghost decided that our relationship was no longer of value to her. Ever since she began to hang out with her own coldness and my pain , the ghost has been changing from the incredible person I thought I knew into this shallow Impulsive ever changing shadow whose intangible existence betrays the meaning of humanity. Perhaps if I hadn't fallen in love with those ghost things would be different... Perhaps if I didn't place that ghost so highly upon a pedestal as a representation of a vanity of my own dreams, neither of us would have fallen so far down.

And then we started making our cocoons. Cold freezing cocoons engulfing our existence like a brutal bodyguard of our souls, our passions, and our heart. And we started recollecting our old demons, excavating old dead bodies which were buried long ago.
Yes it’s Peaceful in here, shrieking Peace which shatters every atom of my heart.

I was afraid of losing you, so instead I left.
That’s my curse for loving you.



You loved someone
it may have been a ghost..
But you did love that someone...

The time spent and the love that was divided between you two, multiplied those lovely moments...

do u really love yourself? if you do then the magnetism of the love (mind you not vanity) for yourself will pull another magnet who loves herself equally enough to love you...

wondering what happened...? what went wrong...? why did you decide to walk away...? Afraid of losing her..? and so you decided to lose her instead of being shamed into being lost...why?

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