Quest (Ghalib)

Posted by Hazel Dream on 5:07 PM

Zulmat_kade meiN mere shab-e-GHam ka josh hai
Ik shamma'a hai daleel-e-sahar, so KHamosh hai

My mind is veiled by a blanket of darkness and regret. Pain is morphing into verses; I stayed up all night composing a shai'r to mirror my state of mind, but it is always overcome by pain and cannot be materialized. I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel...a candle which is still lit. I am clinging on to this last straw, in the hope that it will transform into a verse that will mirror my emotions. The candle is a symbol of my faith...perhaps my confidence to overcome the darkness. I know the hurdle and wants to overcome it, but needs the strength to reach out to his faith.

Nai muzda-e-wisaal na nazzaara-e-jamaal
Muddat huee ki aashtee-e-chashm-o-gosh hai

Neither News of rendezvous nor the vision of Vanity; the quest of longing for a harmonious amalgamation of my senses with my gist of existence,

Mai ne kiya hai, husn-e-KHud_aara ko be_hijaab
'Ai shauq, yaaN ijaazat-e-tasleem-e-hosh hai

Let the vanity of my desire achieve his freedom from the shackles of my consciousness

Gauhar ko iqd-e-gardan-e-KHubaaN meiN dekhna
Kya auj par sitaara-e-gauhar_farosh hai

Ah that gem in the necklace of my beloved
Her existence celebrates the vanity of that masterpiece of Jeweler.

Deedaar baada, hausla saaqee, nigaah mast
Bazm-e-KHayaal maikada-e-be_KHarosh hai

The desire to drink wine in this lonely bar. This bartender is the sign my optimism in the boulevard of friendless dreams

'Ei taaza waaridan-e-bisaat-e-hawa-e-dil
Zinhaar agar tumhaiN hawas-e-nae-o-nosh hai

Oh my dear new thought don’t be too greedy in this chess board of my mind .dont drift me away from what I desire to do .

Dekho mujhe jo deeda-e-ibrat nigaah ho
Meree suno jo gosh-e-naseehat niyosh hai

See me if you have a hunger for vision of knowledge.
Listen to me because I have an ear for knowledge.



Anonymous says:

fARHAN NOCTURNAL said to u->
There are always some works in every one's mind that one really wishes to do if one could get a chance. Would you believe that one of my many strange wishes is to LIGHT A LAMP IN GHALIB'S TOMB.

I have been longing for ages to visit his tomb but it’s still a dream. I don’t know what verse is written on his tombstone but I really wish to read his stombstone's engravings.

Huee muddat ke 'GHalib' mar gaya par yaad aata hai,
Wo har ek baat pe kehana, ke yooN hota to kya hota


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