Posted by Hazel Dream on 10:23 AM

Tale of One Ambition and Million Dreams
Two eyes and Million Tears
One Heart and million heartbreaks
One Destiny Million Existences
One hope Million defeats

One Pilgrimage to redemption, Million Slaveries
Few Passions Million tragedies
One Soul Million facets
One Life Million deaths

In these Eternal numerals somewhere I Exist
As a necessary evidence of truth
And as a contingent conclusion
Lost in Quest for my theorem .
Found with the boulevard of eternal Journey
Somewhere I exist.



hyacinth says:

lovely pic :) post...even better :)

Anonymous says:

One Soul...Million Facets

Beautiful words of appreciation-anonymity-

dear anonymous... Please intorduce yourself .

by the way anonymous thank you for the giving me one line to finish this . One Soul million Facets...

hey merchant, i am in too good a mood to critisise this :)

Didnt get any of it anyways :)

LALALALLALLAL ( sorry for the singing, but i cant help it)

very nice...I really liked this post of yours though the pic reminds me of Darna Zaroori hai...i didn't wanted to add this bakwaas comment of my friend to ur sensible post but somehow ur post reminded her of the strategy which determines her success rate with guys....one tear million apologies...one smile million proposal...stupid i know but nonetheless made me laugh...:)

:) I am sure she must be most sort after triumph for men. she knows she is a mesmerising bitch and she is proud of it .

Desert Rose says:

In this boulevard of broken dreams and unsolved mysteries,is it just you who is lost in the quest for your theorem?
Aren't we all lost....lost in the enmeshed world of complexities?

Desert Rose says:

In this boulevard of shattered dreams,i suppose we are all enmeshed in the complexities of the harsh world...are you the only one who is lost in the quest for a theorem that defines you?
Think about it....

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