Wonderful World

Posted by Hazel Dream on 7:37 PM

Blue Boulevard of my ambition
There is a yellow spring song
And a melodious Breeze
Few jovial Trees with Lusty Shade

Sleepy soft sand beneath my feet
Scattered sea shells winking at my reverie
And that Pink dream which says I love you
And I know she loves me.

It’s a wonderland in my street
Dusk laced with her vanity
Dawn painted with her seduction
Sun walks in her smile
Kiss floats with the moon

Millions sweet moments Like shining stars
Walking along with me
Few naughty heartbreaks like milestones
Left behind me

Autumns are blonde
and springs are long
Winters are warm
And rain sings naughty songs

It’s a Wonderful World
It’s a wonderful World



came over from another blog. blog hopping actually. great site. good poetry. keep it up dude.

Lo says:


Desert rose says:

You are in Love,madly.It is so evident from your thoughts.
First time?

I really liked this one :)

Lo says:

brilliant in every manner. your best till date :)

:) LOl Dear Desert.. I am in love with my self and my sweet heart .

Blog after blog and eventually landed here.. liked your poems very much!

Love and be Loved

No matter how beautiful or satisfying the moment, it always seems to be incomplete, when it is not shared with someone else...[nice to see you sharing ]

Great to see that you were able to gather all the "My Pieces "
Yes it's a Beautiful Life

"one soul million facets" here...and nice to see the enigmatic way those lines ended :)
Soul Circling -just a quest

Desert rose says:

Time stops as the wait begins....for a new post, for a post dripping with love,lust and philosophy.
Your poems are eagerly awaited.

Lo says:

yes, very eagerly awaited :)

makes me shed tears of happiness for you :)

have been going through your archives...can't stop actually

Glad you have experienced/are experiencing love...

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