Death of my Goldfish

Posted by Hazel Dream on 10:34 AM

She was the strangest one. No she was the one I identify with very well. She was like a mirror,Defiant, happy and mocking others with her aloof audacity. Always in a secluded corner of bowl away from foolish fragile warmth of others.
I gave her boring corpse to sincere crows to devour.
She vanished in the eternal appetite of being.

My Grave in your memories
Tombstone in my soul with melancholy engravings
I am in the breeze which seduces every black cloud
I am in the spring which blossoms in each heart
I am in autumn with hazel eyes
I am in winter with warm smiles



Ouch... it hurts to see the pain.
I lost mine too :( a week ago

Do allow me to say this:

i am in the timd hand which stretches to a fellow human :)

and if i may add?

[i am in the mist that descends over the lake
i am in the rain which splashes a mozart symphony
i am in the thought which brings a tender memory]


let her soul rest in peace!!

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