Posted by Hazel Dream on 10:19 AM

Air in my Lungs
Love in my Heart
Malice in my Mind
Dreams in my eyes
Divinity in my Existence
Despair in my giggles
Nudity in my attire
Grin in my tears
Tears in my Smile
Darkness in my Sun
Shadows in my nights
Barrenness in my arms
Vanity in my sins
Sin in my faith
Guilt in my redemptions
Ignorance in my Pride
Pride in my ignorance
Fear in my Love
Fatality in my Life
Causality in my certainty
Experience in my youth
Betrayals in my experience
Fire in my heart




Lo says:

Your best one till date. BRAVO !!!

Despair in my giggles.
Loved that the most. take care :)

Oh I'm sorry about linking you up. But let me decide what is worthy and what isn't. If you still insist I won't link it up. But I wish you wouldn't :)

"Malice in my Mind"...."Despair in my giggles"...why do I see this post as an extension of your previous one"Same Sun".Loved this one as well.

aaah u've put so many truths in this one blog of yours....

"Truth in my lies,
Lies in my truth"

"Ours in mine
Mine in yours
yours all around"

some of your blogs are just masterpieces. one of them is this..hazel dream

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