Posted by Hazel Dream on 7:50 PM

The Last parting Kiss of Maa
Still vibrates in my soul! It chimes like a Tear in my heart
Her solemn tears will shake my giggles till eternity
Her trembling pain which shakes the stillness of night
Her deep tender eyes hoots its sorrow to midnight moon

Her departing lad chasing the slimy dreams
Away from her warm embrace
She finds me in all the door knocks
She finds me in all the love she cooks

Away from aspirations strong jaws which has strangled me
I will redeem all my dreams in her smiles
Someday I will.



Going through your posts in general and find them 'sprinkled' with bits of happiness. waiting for you to 'shower' yourself in happiness :) this post is one of the happy sprinklings in your life...beautiful..

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