Posted by Hazel Dream on 10:00 AM
Shall I amuse my existence at the cost of misery of this humanity Or shall this humanity amuses itself at the expense of my existence.

I thought of Me, as something that remains constant in the midst of all the Bloody Turmoil , Everything that I thought of me , however, was of a fragile moment.

In our gloomy and lonely existence, out of cold words directed at us, assumptions of others about us grow up and they gaze upon us,morose and gray.



The Vanishing Conscience -is a good book but we should not let that happen :)

Neither can we sing:

"Kick Over The Traces
A Fragile Moment "

Do we need to let the assuptions of others affect us -who are always ready to dent our self-esteem?

Cheers :)

Soul-Circling...a Quest!

But I am what you made me . I cant exist without you.I am drop in a sea of conscience which makes us ..

Anonymous says:

will remember the instructions from next post onwards :)

beautiful poems.

unparalleled agony
untamed anguish
what more need i say ?

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