Posted by Hazel Dream on 4:12 PM

My Ego is not pseudo. this whole question of ego for a man is very complex .

Firstly I don’t believe there is any answer in this world , there can only be opinions so let me try various opinions as an options for your question of Male ego.

1) - ego is the psychological trace of our beastly evolution. after all we all men compete for genes and ego acts as a weapon of aggressiveness’ and act as our competitive edge in this whole game of Procreation (a honest but a sick Opinion) .

2)- ego is not what we think we are , but what this world around us makes us to think what we shall be . (So in a way you influence him to make him egoistic)

3) - there is very thin line between ego and self respect and with this world which is not fare and just and which is laced with too much of Adrenaline , we sometime cross the line.

4)-Women love adrenaline (which means ego) , now don’t be an feminist and deny that .



Didnt realize that ego can have a GENDER!!
At least a SOUL has no gender...
Lovely changes in your blog.
Hazel Dream sounds wow
That "Maa" of your's ---let her laughter be the music that you make!


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