Fable of Phoenix

Posted by Hazel Dream on 3:31 PM

Melting Hope
Heavy Existence
Betrayed Optimism
Shivering light
Flickering Rays
Weary deity
Merry tragedy
Thirsty death
Collapsing flame
Wilted wings
Stripped soul
End of a book .



Lo says:

u r good at pessimism :) how about some optimism for a change? i hope this comment of mine will see the light of the world. amen :)

Thanks for dropping by at my blog.

Heart wrenching picture and i dont know what you meant by 'end of a book'???
If you could explain?

Lo ... yes Iam good at pessimism . after all it has been my loyal friend .

Fire-n_Ice ... you are welcome. End of a book .. Life is like a Library ..and you finish books one by one ..This was a Romantic one .

Hey!i am ice n fire not the other way round..lol!

amazing pics and some real indepth thought process there!
Thanks for stopping by my blog...hope to see you more often!:)

often... while surfing blogs.. i come across some.. wher i feel speechless. same here...

Is it the end?
Or is it a new beginning ?

In this pic I see

Hoping Hope
Weighty Existence
Bright Optimism
Light at the end of that tunnel-may be shivering..
Flickering but Rays
Non existent Deity
Freed Soul

:-) I know you have more optimism in you than you tend to pen down

Do you realise that each of your phrases has atleast one bright side to them :)

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