The Pig (Arjun Singh)

Posted by Hazel Dream on 8:58 AM

Pimp of my Motherland
Rein of his Idiocy
His soul less khaki dogs
Ravaging the melody of her soul
Decadence, cowardice
Molesting her generous vanity



White Willow Tree says:

ahem...too strong !!!

warning says:

In this Brahmanical society the so called upper castes always want the so called Low caste to remain in abject poverty.
After all,who would do the human scavenging & other dirty work of brahmins,if the OBCs,SCs& STs make use of quota & become educated???

A pandey right!so you talk like all your dastardly brahmin whore slaves.
Look at the statistics(of course,brahmins have always manipulated History to suit their own needs)-OBCs,SCs,STs make up more than 50% of the total population.So,why shoudnt there be a fixed % of seats for the depressed class-they are more in number,they deserve it.Its the so called upper caste which is a minority.
I will copy paste the exact stats from a reliable source-you can go & check it.
Keeping the so called low castes under subjugation-right???
Who is a pimp?Arjun singh?Mandal Commission?
WARNING-i can sue you and take you to court by booking you under the Atrocities to SC,ST,OBC prevention Act,1989 if you dont delete this cowardly post.It will be used as evidence against you.

You are a coward with a mob mentality-you like to show your superiority by jumping onto an issue which is under controversy.

Do you have a standing of your own in society to call a minister a Pig?Who are you?a VIP?
You wont even have the courage to put up my comment on this blog!And if you want to have a talk with me personally,i am ready.I dont need to hide like you and remain Anonymous-Just give me a sign & i will come out to deal with wimps like you.

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