Posted by Hazel Dream on 1:20 PM
Why the Fuck you ask questions??
When you already have all the answers.

I am not a fucking Pawn to authenticate your existence .



I didnt think pawns could authenticate anything for they were merely pawns

Dear Aditi

Pawn represent someone who can be used or manipulated or sacrificed to achieve something .

Fine, go blog yourself lol

Dude I saw your blog and I loved it . so in your style .. lets blog lol

exactly pawns are used abused and discarded... their opinions dont matter.. so how can their answers?

dont answer then.


Dear Aditi
Pawn is a metaphor . My act of accepting her false opinion will make me a pawn .

Dear Keshi
Pawns are very important if you know how to use them .
I love chess

yea but we are all pawns in someone's chess.. we use at our convenience..dont we?

Pawns r important in their own way..yeah u need to use them rite...well may be not comparitively..but can the game go on widout the pawn???None is insignificant! Only the magnitude differs

**Pawns are very important if you know how to use them .
I love chess

yes...and sometimes it's good to be used than to use.


she must b an expert if she knows all the answers... or then maybe ur prejudiced...

by the way loved ur blog...

Accepting anyone's opinions will make u a pawn...and you don't have to do that...

what is her false opinion? and why does it needle you so?

Keshi- Hmm i dont think so .. I dont like being used .. I belive in mutual Free will

Musing-- No dear we all are expert , we all have our opinions and answers . we just want others to accept them .

Yashita _ sometime we have to do that ..

Hesperon - Every opinion is false , there is no truth

You mean to say nothing is true and everything is false? what a pessimist you really are, Hazel Dream! what do u dream of anyway? the Apocalypse?

dear hesporan
that means that humanity have free will we can invent and make our own truth . its called optimism .

ok I didnt mean it in that way :) What I meant was that if u were used by someone (and that helped him/her in some way) then it's better than u being the USER. But ofcourse u should not allow that to happen again.


hmm you are a very generous lady . I can bet your lover must the luckiest man .LOL

keshis got a lover???? hmm dont think so... id know if she had one.. what say kookie? :p

all of us are used all the time, the problem starts, methinks, when we dont get to 'use' as much as we are being used....gotta strike a balance or as close to balance as possible

Well women means mystry .. you never know whats cooking..

We are used only by ourself .. our dreams and our aspirations

awww m000nie HUGGGGGGGGGZ! Yep Hazel, my pretty m000nie knows all abt me and she's right...I dun hav eno lover right now :):)

**I can bet your lover must the luckiest man .LOL

well Hazel he is allowed to 'use' me for the right reasons...and as long as he loves me deeply ;-)


lolz ur gonna victimise me? how?


hmm M000nie and Keshi
sounds like Sisterhood of Teenage witches .
hmm Right Now .. thats interesting it makes you very experience in the matter of Heart ..
I liked this Right Now .

Wow yes he will be damn Lucky

This question menifest your Innocence or your naughtyness???

hazel... ur absolutely right when u say women r a mystery n u never know whats cooking... but have u ever realised that we women ourselves do not know how our minds work.. sigh... we r a mystery to ourselves

"Pawns are very important if you know how to use them." - loved this line...

sometimes we are pawns in our own game..we may think we are winning, but against whom? sometimes we use ourselves...we lose ourselves!to the game...

so you mean to say that you are slave of your own impulsiveness???
but I think thats true with Every human irrespective of his gender.
but i think Men are very expressive because of their Role as competitive gender trying to showoff their competitive edge .

Dear Shitrint (what that means)
We all are looser in this game of Life . only life triumphs .

**but have u ever realised that we women ourselves do not know how our minds work

lolz m000nie thats so true!

Hazel matey, well yeah Im naughty and nice ;-)


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