My Dream

Posted by Hazel Dream on 2:42 PM

Like the disobedient spring, tucked on scarlet Petal.
Perched between tangible illusion and fake certainty.

Like the obstinate summer, floating on a restless heart
Bewildered between an ecstatic snuffle and a gloomy grin

Like the impassive winter, drowned in a dew drop
Flourishing between disastrous truth and amusing lies

Like the traitorous monsoon, heavy with sincere remorse
Combating childish desire and the lazy surrender

That’s my dream .



loved this!!!

hey has that xyz's comments scared you from commenting on mine...please i don't belive in trash like that.

grt work!


just read another post! wow!


Dear Gulnaz
yes maybe .. but its ok . I am there

.. One

Welcome dear

beautifully knitted heart's desires...lovely!

**obstinate summer

thats so me ;-)


hmm what makes u obstinate summer

Obstinate cos Im stubborn by nature...

Summer cos Im hot? lol!

ok Im too much too :):)


** Combating childish desire and the lazy surrender

what do i do?.. combat or surrender? sigh!

That's what dreams are , arn't they? they are a bundle of contradictory emotions, paradoxes beyong the grasp of conscious reality. They stream in and stream out unguarded like some surreptitious element leaving their half foot prints on the mind

hmm you have innocence and thats the most cunning thing in this world.

Combat and triumph ..
or surrender and conquer
vanity can do that .

Right dear .. bang on ..

aww me no cunning fox :( :(


awww.. I know u are not ..
I am blaming the innocence not you dear ..



Anonymous says:

Dreaming aloud...?

Dreamzzzz...however unreal they may be..one nevaa stops!!
loved the words..combating childish desires n the lazy surrender!

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