Posted by Hazel Dream on 8:13 PM

Pujo , thats how they use to Pronounce it .
That vigor , that ecstasy in kolkata’s breeze .
Those sugary smiles on Bengali faces .
Those new attires on reincarnated souls.
Seductive baudi’s in their Dhakai sarees
Large , alluring vermillion dots of vanity .
Juvenile grins on adult Hearts .
Ancient fragrance in modern breeze.

Medieval devotion with communist inspiration

Wish I can go back to Kolkata.



very vibrant pic!

Kolkata...sounds like a beautiful place.


yes it is a beautiful place.. but u have to live there to understand that city .. you cant be a tourist in that city



the kolkatan spirit can haunt u for u whole life...
....there's sumthin' abt this place....addiction...luvvv...
..i dunno wat...
but i luvv it...
...my hometown..
and yeah...wait is the essence of life....

aaah find a few who share my penchant for the city..though lived there only for a year..infact hazel dream--from Pujo 2004 to Pujo 2005 :)-- The city has left its imprints deep within.

no memory should overpower the present...every city offers its aroma to us... though i am emotionally attached to the city kolkata... when i think of it... only gloomy houses a traffic totally out of order come to my mind...

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