Posted by Hazel Dream on 1:38 PM

Afar the enchantment
Where moon molests the naive stars
Vanity conceives evil and giggle
Monsters are born with innocence
Death dies with birth
Birth dishonored with death
Freedom lusts for wounds of chain
And every sun is a mortal hero

Raven dwells in traits
Dreams have seduced conscience
Manuscript have lured indulgence
Angel steals the white drape of truth
And Swastika preach insanity

Black wine drips through the curves
And nectar remains with immortals
Destiny steals the ashes of phoenix
Lustful fetuses roam the time
Devour me O naked Father
Devour me



so dark...

kahan gayab the aap?

yes hazel, u can hav the pics!

you do make think.....

where were you for a long time?
The poem is so gothic, the whole existence seems to be in a limbo. watever goaded you to write this, the thoughts were sinister dark but you have laid it down very well- the metaphors, the epithets....they were the work of a very mellowed mind

Shitrint .. I need those snaps but not from your blog. if u can mail them to me ??

Wish I could

No its from a disturbed Mind

omg I could come here today!


Hazel u write so well..ur work is a bit like Ash's. One of my other friends.

**Dreams have seduced conscience

I love that line. makes so much sense to me.

We all live and die an illusion.


yep sure ill mail 'em to u. just gimme some more time.
pics on their way!

PS: lemme know wat places pics u want. delhi/nainital/ corbett or all three?


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