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Posted by Hazel Dream on 12:07 PM

Time is liaison between the different changes.

I don’t like anger , it leaves me ugly and guilty and it also gives me excruciating Headache.

It’s the invariable struggle of this existence to Paint this wall with Pristine white but like an stubborn malevolence chameleon it has been altering colors, from culpable grey to immoral black , from lusty red to rapturous yellow , from sly Pink to idealistic purple , but not that elusive Pristine white.

I want it unadorned, without any designs , without any piece of art because with art comes lecherous yearning for recognition and attention .

In its vast realm of egotism it has infinite lusty spiders with million legs, making cobwebs of desires in those inaccessible corners where they have entrapped and devoured my innocence.

This wall has been beguiling me to enchain my will to tame my aspiration , with its sarcastic laugh it has been ridiculing me, in all my effort to seek harmony .

They say Bodhisattva painted it White, Pristine tranquil white.

Its is 4.00 AM in the Morning, so I slept.

Time doesn’t change anything .



Anonymous says:

"Time is liaison between the different changes." I can't agree with with you more. This post was really a sensible read. this shows wat triggers off your dark, nihilistic thoughts that show up in your posts. So you want to run away feom the snares of life like desires? Can really feel your clipped and chained down condition.

No I dont want o run away from Life.. but I want to tame this grey matter .. so that "I" am not his slave , but he becomes my slave . I can relish life better

i had left a commnet here! its dissapeared

very nice post!
quite meaningful...i cant agree with u more that anger leaves one ugly and guilty!

quite pictorial and imaginative, this post is acc. to me...in my head!

Nice one! Made me think some deep thoughts.

Anonymous says:

Very serious post. Forces us to think beyond our regular stuff...
It evokes the deep dark corner somewhere within you.

Definately one of your best.
i too wish i cud tame them down and not be a slave to them...but however hard u try it seems impossible....
now, its more like i have accepted life as it is... sometimes things u can't fight with and win, you have to accept....

anger brings the worst out, it kills the ability to think. so many times i'v lost my temper and then later regretted what i said or did.
given a choice i would paint a wall with different colours like a painting, when life isn't all black or white then why my wall

to everyone...
yes its our individual struggle

i wonder why everything in life is a struggle. anger, success.....

Anonymous says:

you are tagged!!! watch out my blog to know how

time may not change everything but it sure brought me back from my break :) Hows u?


Time just moves on. Things change on their own!

Hazel/Cloud :-)
believe it is the colour, the designs, the desires that make dreams--those yearnings of the sub conscious mind...(Prayer)

white is composed of all colours and so is black. but it is important for each colour to raise its head and speak up for what it is for what it wants, what it desires..

lecherous it might be, but so be it..white in itself has no meaning without colour, black in itself is NAUGHT without colour.

So get a splash of colour, a dash of PINK..?? :-) in your life

All said and done, this is indeed a beautiful piece of yours, awakening several dormant thoughts in my mind.
Cheers to you and to your ability to pen down your feelings/thoughts


what an apt description!! quite compactly put across your yearning. :)

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