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Posted by Hazel Dream on 11:38 PM
Her words has patterns, purpose and colors. Somewhere they were searching herself in that conversation and I could see that bewildered quest in her restless eyes .there are flickers of inquisitive selfishness, but hey beware you are not allowed to invoked your curiosity .

Whether the topic has any relevance to you or not ,is not her problem. After all this is a woman’s world, but my dear make sure you make her feel important and interesting . Look into her eyes and swim in her soul , let her feel every stroke of your admiration.even if her words are betraying the context and the purpose of conversation.

Never be honest, they love honest lies . truth is a virtue which will steal her selfishness so remember mendacity is an attire to enhance her vanity . You can never find a great woman Philosopher in the pages of human evolution.

Listen to her complains. Yes she has abundance of those. They are the most torturous experience but hey man listen , she doesn’t want you to solve them because in reality , there is no problem .

How much we have to spend for this sexual evolution??



how much more sarcasm could have been poured into this? does this bashing bring a sardonic smile in the pursed lips? women philosophers cannot be traced because their male counetrparts never felicitated their works, after all the men made the book of law and they approbated who recived what and what went on in public. this still exists but in lesser proportions. otherwise i would still have been within four walls and without this capacity to voice my opinion in writing!

well i would actually like to counteract the BOTH OF YOU; i dont think women need "male counterparts to felicitate their works" amrita, and furthermore "hazel dream" i think you should actually meet some women that might be a good start for you to actually you know, DEVELOP you pathetic theory; and to further add data to your research id like to present the many many many established women philosophers, thank you;
Marilyn McCord Adams, (born 1943)O
Linda Martin Alcoff
Alice Ambrose
Pamela Sue Anderson
G. E. M. Anscombe, (1918-2001)CORW
Hannah Arendt, (1906-1975)CORW
Arete of Cyrene, (4th century B.C.)
Aspasia of Miletus, (5th century B.C.)
Mary Astell, (1666-1731)ABCD1D2R
Linda Badham, (born 1950)
Annette Baier, (born 1929)O
Ban Zhao, (c. 35-100)D2
Antoinette Brown, (1825-1921)D2
Judith Butler, (born 1956)
Mary Whiton Calkins, (1863-1930)W
Nancy Cartwright (born 1943)O
Margaret Cavendish, (1623-1673)ABCR
Christine de Pizan, (c. 1365-c. 1430)GR
Andrea Christofidou
Patricia Churchland, (born 1943)C
Hélène Cixous, (born 1937)R
Catherine Trotter Cockburn, (1679-1749)ABCRW
Lady Anne Finch Conway, (1631-1679)ABCD1ORW
Simone de Beauvoir, (1908-1986)D1ORW
Émilie du Châtelet, (1706-1749)R
Raya Dunayevskaya, (1910-1987)
Dorothy Edgington
George Eliot, (1819-1880)GR
Elisabeth of Bohemia, (1618-1680)ABCR
Philippa Foot, (born 1920)COW
Charlotte Perkins Gilman, (1860-1935)
Hannah Ginsborg
Emma Goldman, (1869–1940)
Marie de Gournay, (1565-1645)D2
Celia Green, (born 1935)
Susan Haack, (born 1945)W
Jane Heal
Ágnes Heller, (born 1929)
Heloise, (1101-1162)D2
Mary Hesse, (born 1924)
Hildegard of Bingen, (1098-1179)D1R
Hipparchia, (4th century BC)
Jennifer Hornsby, (born 1951)O
Rosalind Hursthouse
Hypatia of Alexandria, (370-415)CR
Luce Irigaray, (born 1930)COR
Martha Klein
Christine Korsgaard
Julia Kristeva, (born 1941)COR
Susanne Langer, (1895-1985)ORW
Michèle Le Dœuff, (born 1948)OR
Leontion, (4th century BC)
Rosa Luxemburg, (1871-1919)R
Catherine Macaulay, (1731-1791)G
Ruth Barcan Marcus, (born 1921)CO
Harriet Martineau, (1802-1876)RW
Damaris Cudworth Masham, (1659-1708)ABCR
Mechthild of Magdeburg, (1210-1285)G
Mary Midgley, (born 1919)W
Ruth Millikan, (born 1933)O
Iris Murdoch, (1919-1999)OW
Nancey Murphy, (born 1951)
Judith Sargent Murray, (1751-1820)D2
Martha Nussbaum, (born 1947)CO
Onora O'Neill, (born 1941)OW
Janet Radcliffe Richards, (born 1944)O
Ayn Rand, (1905-1982)R
Rosemary Radford Ruether, (born 1936)
Ruth Lydia Saw
Anna Maria van Schurman, (1607-1678)D2R
Lady Mary Shepherd, (1777-1847)AC
Sor Juana, (1648-1695)D2
Anne Louise Germaine de Staël, (1766-1817)R
L. Susan Stebbing, (1885-1943)W
Edith Stein, (1891-1942)D1
Gabrielle Suchon, (1631-1703)R
Harriet Taylor Mill, (1807-1858)CD1R
Teresa of Avila, (1515-1582)C
Judith Jarvis Thomson, (born 1929)COW
Baroness Mary Warnock, (born 1924)O
Simone Weil, (1909-1943)CD1OR
Victoria, Lady Welby, (1837-1912)W
Mary Wollstonecraft, (1759-1797)CD1GORW
Frances Wright, (1795-1852)D2
Dorothy Maud Wrinch, (1894-1976)
oh yeah and ME Meera (1989 - 2006) CHEERS!!!!!!!!!!

hmm so here is someone I know, assertive and personal. well I said great Philosophers...:)) and please see the context and intention before commenting my dear

the context and question is all very well, im simply concerned with the statement; "You can never find a great woman Philosopher in the pages of human evolution." just wanted to point out that you are actually wrong, and the term "great" is relative and situational, dont be so ignorant.
interesting pieces of writing nevertheless.
much appreciation,

and who's this woman?


LOlll Keshi..

He is talking about you and me !!

Context is good but way tooooooo sarcastic.

Cuckoo I sensed it so well LOL!


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