Reality and Hope

Posted by Hazel Dream on 12:45 AM

In the city of small shadows
I walk within my self
Slave of my rigid perception
My dreams are like an orphan beggar
My Existence is lost without definition
They sold me few expensive lies
For all the life I have
So my moments are indifferent
To everything except this sham

But old angels
With wrinkled knowledge
Whispered to my sad heart
butterfly will lure me
Away, to the bliss orchard.
So I am waiting for the yellow spring



Absolutely beautiful!
You have brilliantly described life that has become of us in this age. And to wait for the yellow spring...that is the only hope that keeps us going...


how have ya been?



This is awesome! Hope is what really defines life! Your words are beautiful!SO real ...

sad but awaits for a drop of hope

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