Chinese Civilization and its Leaders

Posted by Hazel Dream on 5:29 PM
The problem is with the Chinese psyche .. they worship Power and Money and thats why communist have been able to lure their souls with materliasm and charm of iron fist . even their cultural revolution is the reflection of their willingness to accept the matter and not mind ..
They reflected the glimpse of vanity of individual souls in Confucius and Tiananmen square but all in vain .. its the long term ideology accepted by social and cultural psyche which shapes the generation and their priorities .

Their willingness to be accpeted and respected by the western world ( Power and Money ) has made them vulnerable to exploitation and Communism has done that beautifully ..
Where else can you see Communism behaving like a 19th Century Capitalist and offering its Poor People as cheap Labour to the factories for the consumption of western world without any basic right, without any social scrutiny .
Sometime Fox also change colors .



i would suggest an in depth study with refferences on this.... hazel dream shouldnt seem to be saying anything off hand.... though i completly agree to the later part of the post about selling cheap labour to west..

That was a thought provoking post - I agree with the latter part-how ironic..having said that I am wary of criticsm of China these days - it can be easily misused by the West which has its own agenda given that China is free and above thier control of the developing nations..

Dear Raza

never be wary of criticism , it is the only weapon we Human Posses to fight arrogant ideologies .
Open West is Much better then Closed China .
China is not free , it has been enslaved by an ideology , which has the capacity to snatch our souls and turn us into beasts.

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