Religion and Spiritualism

Posted by Hazel Dream on 9:43 PM
There is and will be a contradictory difference between religion and Spiritualism

Religion Starts with "I believe ".
Spiritualism starts with "I have a question" (I don't believe ).

Religion is accepting.
spiritualism is rejecting and starting of a search which is beyond the limits of accpetence.

Religion is masking Truth with Perception .
Spiritualism is unwrapping of perception from eternal Truth.

Religion will always need a clergy to force and implement the belief.
Spiritualism is a Solitary Journey , Guru is Just a guide.

Spiritualism leads to Wisdom .
Religion Leads to Politics .

Religion Signifies Law of Entropy
Spiritualism defies Law of Entropy



I so completely agree... well framed and to the point. Cheers

extremely well stated..

In the day you shall not find that which you seek.
for in darkness it hides and in light it cannot be revealed,
when the veil is thick and the dark night so long,
it is only Love that that can dispel an ignorance so strong,
and like mist it will be lifted to reveal the mountain peak,
and at last you shall become that which you seek......

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