Posted by Hazel Dream on 8:55 PM

Humanity has no matter . it is a mind governed by its consciousness .
But what about people with defunct consciousness’ or consciousness over taken by slavery of any ideology ?

Why do we need someone else to stimulate our emotions to Guide our Mind to trace our own consciousness ?

Whether its religion with the brand name of divinity or Communism with the authority of foolish morality , we have always been lured in darkness.

Human history is full of these debauchery of arrogant , cruel ideologies .
whether its medieval egotistical monotheistic religions or modern slavery of Communism is USSR and China.

Is this a part of evolution of universal consciousness where struggle between ideologies to out smart each other and own the brand of goodness ?
and we Humans ? what about us ? how long will we suffer ?
How long will we be the pawns in this evolution ?

Individuals represent certain ideologies in there life span , same ancient ideologies which have taken birth and died million times , yet there is no final conquest .

Are we result of our own suffering or is this suffering result of our own "self"
Self always tries to transcend beyond its own definition , hinting towards a universal self , which unfortunately is a place of eternal struggle between these narrow definition , in quest of something beyond definition , beyond grammatical language .

Some day “I” will reach there .

I am slave of  silly optimism



the moment we start interrogating... that very moment we start our journey to reach self... which always try to catch our attention manifesting in many forms....the form that we see and the forms that we cannot even imagine... we find self in the form we know... so they say "jaisi bhai bhavana jaisi...so phal paye so"... can we get rid of ideology... I don’t think so... as human one has to embark on at least one ideology or develop one for oneself... having no ideology is also an ideology...
It can go on and on... no wonder it produces that headache...
At the same time i would try to differentiate the social system from spiritual ideology and also from political structures.... three are very different which only coexists... all amalgamation tried in combination of these three tasted yukes... so beware...

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