Amir Khan's Torch

Posted by Hazel Dream on 4:55 PM
Amir Khans Logic of Seeing Olympic games as different from Chinese Totalitarian regime is his foolishness . events like Olympic games are tools and Tools in the hands of Regimes becomes extensions of that regimes and its ideology .

These games are used by Chinese communists to proves the success of their Ideology .

No nation is perfect , but the nation and its Policies are different from the behavior of its People .
Gujrat Riots or any incident of human riots violation-by certain section is different from the policies of Indian State . Nation or governments are judged by its reaction and policies on these incidents and not by the behavior of certain smaller section .



I hate Politics and now Im beginning to hate Olympics too. Its lost it's touch.


Hi Keshi,
Welcome :)
Dont hate Politics .. it is , one of the link between humans and their ability to unite .

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