Posted by Hazel Dream on 9:53 PM

Love is inappropriate for humanity without envy.Jealousy is the culmination of civilization

Its jealousy which gives soul to love.It gives the self and responsibility to love ,without which it loses its ego.Vanity has no relevance without Lust.because it is the Lust which transforms vanity into art,into exhibition,Into craving for recognition.

Evil evolved as a justification for existence,not divinity



Existence elopes in the presence of divinity…
When we seek existence … we have to hold on to evil…
There is this very famous story about these three intertwined entities which in turn produce vanity, pleasure, envy… love … and many more … which we may or may not desire… Aah! Desire… do you remember this old friend of ours … which cannot be placed in any category… be it good or evil… or can it be?

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