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Posted by Hazel Dream on 9:01 PM

No capitalist system has not failed but it has Shifted .

it is demolishing the brackets of nationalism .

every capable individual will get his share irrespective of his national or racial identity .

This foundation of capitalist shift was laid when currency was linked with human motivation .

Till now capitalism was for few nations which can stop the skills , motivation , resources and reward to move beyond its own boundaries .

Capital needs Profits to survive and Profit needs three factors to grow

  • Man power
  • Innovation of New Systems & Technologies
  • Political Power


capital will not stay where desires of human resource makes it so expensive that it starts effecting the growth of capital itself (Profit).

Western societies are demanding more and more from the capital to satisfy their desires and in turn contributing less towards it , because with desires comes the fake sense of individualism . this Individualism wants to relish the desires and this takes the time and resources from its own ability to work and contribute to capital.


Innovation was and is a tool which middle class used to climb up the hierarchy of capitalism .

It was about developing a new system which makes the same old job to be done faster and better.

Innovation is no more limited to USA and Europe .

The emergence of middle class in other Societies has lead to new “others” contributing and asking for their rewards from the system .

Political Power

Political Power comes with better Manpower and Innovating abilities of the society .

Manufacturing has moved to china because Chinese are ready to compromise on their desires and work for their basic needs first , and this gives enough space for capital to grow. the same reason makes back office support systems to shift to India .

so this futile attempt to make profit without balancing it with equal amount of human activity in western Societies will collapse. how will the individual in western societies pay for its desires when the capital has excluded him from the chain of human motivation ?

And the thought that Few Individuals or few Organizations will earn enough to feed the rest of Western Societies is a failed thought .

Desires will make Individual expensive for Capital and Capitalism will Jump from developed Societies (with developed sense of individulism and addiction to desires) to new ones .




:) Motivation to life and existence is still to be discovered... more... do we exist in ourselves and the world (as we see it) is just a manifestation of the desire... or this very sense of existence is a result of that primordial desire is a question... I liked this post... at the same time my mind isn’t at rest ... desirous I am... or hungry I am for more and new... define it and yet it remains undetermined ...

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