Posted by Hazel Dream on 7:37 PM

I endure self.

My love is in my desires, not in your being

My deity resides in bliss and yours in misery

My perception the certainty and yours chauvinism

Why culture is linked with ego?



It is dramatic to note how trying to endure changes to finding enjoyment... self manifests its way to enjoyment... its being is in small pleasures...
I could figure this other you... wonder if ideologies could be rated in such simple manner... words go wrong when we follow cultures (though they themselves produce them).....
Cultures are accumulation of concepts that are produced by some individuals and evolved by many others... owning a concept of culture makes “culture” very personal... and ownership comes from the ability to change it sometime (or the illusion of this ability). And thus the ego that i belong to this or i can change this comes in to picture.....

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