Posted by Hazel Dream on 10:13 PM
Mind has Questions
The Problem with Question is that it leads us to a direction.

1. What, who and which? - Identity
2. When? - time
3. Where? - place
4. How? - Causal chain
5. Why? - Belief, purpose

Directions or purpose pleases our mind,
Mind which is playing a game of inventing justification for our actions.
Are we not becoming slaves of our own mind,Which is trying to proves its rationality by inventing the justifications of our existence and actions?
Actions which are not in my control.
And existence?
Iam still not able to decide if I am the result of existence or this existence is result of me.



there are things that remind you that you exist even when you seem to have lost the memory of being... hunger is one such thing... loosing self is very difficult... if you succeed you will not exist to tell me how... if you have time... i recomend "Ramakrishna Vachanamrit" about a person who could dare doing this.

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