Posted by Hazel Dream on 9:54 PM

Who is the Hero of Mahabharata?

Based on our ideology, There are so many to choose .

from perplexed and articulated Arjuna ,to inquisitive and feminist Kunti .

From wicked Krishna to malicious Karna.

But why do we need Heroes ? why it cant be a chronicle of Life .

Why Nihilism has become the foundation of modernity?

Has it subjugated everything?

From Capitalism to human ingenuity.

After all Life is not about nihilistic Individualism conquering our collective consciousness.

Has this Abrahamic Idea of "one" mesmerized our sense of universal consciousness?



Is Mahabharata a product of hero worship? or was it created to produce any hero? presuming both answers as No we can figure out that it is beyond the definition of western way of thinking. the so called modernism which occurred to west recently is the core of Indian philosophy, in a way its just a part of the comprehensive view of life.
Mahabharata is more than an epic it is the documentation of most diverse form of humanity, and it accept all forms without labeling it good or bad. there isn't a scope of hero creation in such setting.

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