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Posted by Hazel Dream on 8:12 PM

From smoke to haze
From haze to silhouette
From Incongruous to consistent
From delusion to reverie
From lies to faith
From opinion to existence
From existence to emotion
From emotion to passion
From Passion to tears
From tears to frozen nostalgia
Thats how she finished her journey
On these primeval boulevards .



thats really sad...is this a real story of someone u know?


ys someone i knew ..

Now that the wosrst is behind in frigid nostalgia...its a fresh new journey to begin!
The transformation was rather painful even in words..imaginin the pain in reality!

so she's not a live anymore?



She is very much alive ... but dead for me

Intense! Sorry...



Anonymous says:

*From emotion to passion, From passion to tears* that was beautifil! MuCh LuV <3

its even sadder to know that its real...

thats the story of so many women out here in india..whose dream, passion and love dies out silently....

Hmm.. Sorry for you. The first post I read here is so saddening. But from sadness you can start a journey for your happiness. Your blog looks interesting. Will come back again.

BTW, Thanks for dropping by at my blog.

Tanu .. LOl .. are you feminist ?? you see only her perspective ..


Anonymous says:

so here u r writing the obituary. hmmm a social service, but hey! tt she was someone close to you comes out. do we need to nail her coffin? hadn't she already had enough?

Dear Amu
Hmm no ,, yes she was the closest to my heart till a year back .
LOl .. I already nailed her coffin ..
yes we both had enough.

But I am right you are very judgemental ?? or u are just naughty ??

Its beautiful!

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