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It was a Sunday evening stroll when I saw him on the pavement of four bungalows, near my house. He was sitting in front of Manish nagar market
Poor, Old and fragile, with just and loin cloth to cover his wrinkled existence.
But he was a human, a man possessed by love. Love for another man. He was hugging him, kissing him, smooching him.

Yes I know homosexuality is normal. Yes I Know that in modern society its is accepted. But I am still so fucking confused.

Is the carnal bribe of this being so overwhelming that we cant escape the immorality??
Or morality is just a weapon to tame the power of humanity? Is morality just an anomaly of human insecurity, made to defeat individual and let the mob triumph??



huh! you have posed quite serious questions. have to think hard to bring out the answers. i guess all your questions are valid and brain-rackers.

yes i am not able to forget that man ...

I lived very close to 4 bungalows many years ago. You have written about Pujo and going back to Kolkata. Is there some reason you cant go back there?
I wish you Shubho Bijoya.

Anonymous says:

U know i feel da same way, homosexuality is normal, but it's still HIGHLY disturbin in a way 2 see it... especially in public! lol. If i saw dat, i'd be like "GET A ROOM!" =P

MuCh LuV <3

I this extent of public display is not nice..it wud have been disturbing even if you saw bisexuals...but that MHO

Shreemoyee ..
My Own ambition.:)

Quz Boss
he was an old begger ..and that was more disturbing

he was an illitrate begger ..morality is virtue you cant expect from him .. but is morality only for middle class idiots like us??

I disagree I think watching a heterosexual couple do that in public would have enticed the same reaction.. get a room
His illiteracy if allows him to exist as he is then its a boon isnt it?

No aditi it is not a question of sexuality .. it is a question of how we see ourselves and morality . inspite of being deprived of healthy living conditions he was relishing his life without thinking about morality .why cant we do that .
does education make us Timid ?

yes, i guess u r right, maybe we are timid. is education doing this? i doubt. i guess society is doing this...u know u have to behave in a certain manner.. becoz otherwise what ppl will say? and we take into account what ppl will say in almost every aspect, and every decision of ours..and thats why we r not independent to think and do what we feel is right... nothing is moral or immoral, unless ur conscious finds it... but, this doesn't rule out the conscious rmr.

actually, happened to read a book, THE ROAD LESS TRAVELLED ", by Dr. M. Scott Peck. it was also a mind teaser... it raised so many questions and in such a manner that i was able to comprehend that what all im thinking and the decisions i'm taking is all what society wants me to do not my heart... go through this book, u"ll find many of ur questions answered..:)

I rem the first time I saw 2 guys kissing..it was in a street in Sydney. I was jaw-dropped and stood there in shock. Later on I felt like an idiot. Cos love in any form is good...much better than hatred. Im not a lesbian but I respect other ppl's sexual preferneces. Just let em be who they really are.

**Or morality is just a weapon to tame the power of humanity?

Sometimes I think thats the case. Cos we all feel a myriad facets of lust and sensuality. But we dun really act upon each one of em...in the name of morality.


I know homosexuality is normal, aren't we all broad minded and accept things as they are. However, coming across an oen display of homosexuality is disturbing.
Though I'd say that I am liberal I wonder how I'd react if I came to know that there was someone with alternative sexual inclinations at my workplace.

And Four Bungalows, Manish Nagar, used to stay in that area long time ago. Nice bumping into someone fromthat area.

hey thanks for dropping by...ya i guess i am going through that phase..this too shall pass :P abt dis post well...we have been "conditioned" to believe taht homosexuality is sumthin impure or ghastly or goes against nature...and about mortality...the only line taht comes to mind is "stupid humans!" u write well too btw

Adi ..
Ego is not what I think .. Ego is what this world wants me to think what am I ..

KEshi ..
right .. by the way your words are as transparent as you ..

Well knoweldge make us liberal .. but where is that truth ?

Guess what .. it was someone else who used my URL to Post the comment in your blog .
but u are like bubbly champagne..
well humans are not stupid.. morality may be an artificial law and it has no divine origin but it equally important .

hi! :)yes, dont u think it needs a revolution....?

yikes!! i wonder who that loser cld be :P... moraluity is important to d person who imposes it...it's like advice..you always think that that wht you advise holds more weight!! thts why d stupidity.


Hmm well I think I agree morality is like a dictator .. but i alway belive that morality is relative but ethics is superlative .. ethics have its origin in our own intellect and no one can force that on you ..
I also dislike morlaity but belive in ethics

True true true..each word of all what you all have discussed here is what was in my mind before i ended up on the last comment

Morality- mob mentality defines what is moral what is not. In reality on an individual note "moral" has no meaning whatsoever..

capability to love find expression in weirdest forms.... if it exists it has a reason... you know love and rain has one synonym in Hindi they are same they know no barrier and thus equality is the basis of their existence... rain doesn’t differentiates ... so does love...morality is just one of the various negatives of social existence... why we need morality... and what could be called moral is always questionable... life has its own ways to show us the lovable part of morality... it showed you one way... it shows one to all who wish to see...

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