Posted by Hazel Dream on 7:31 PM

On the dilapidated dream sits the melancholy pessimism
With its eternal resort to conquer truth
Insatiable soul waiting for a defeated dawn
And its tragic myth of life.

O voyeur silence of night, dont cry so loud
Wishpering Moon has seduced the loneliness of existence
memories howling like the western breeze
Some lost moments passing by

So the mighty grey ponders over the juvenile Crimson
Why was he when he wasn't?
How can I be, when I couldn't?
so its Just the eternal Night and its slave Dawn .



a little abstruse to me, but not as much as some of ur older verses.

why is the insatiable soul waiting for a 'defeated dawn'?

cheer up Hazel. 2 days ago I hit rock bottom and now Im ok cos after the darkness, there's always light. Talking abt lights, it's Diwali!

Happy Diwali mate HUGGGGGGZ!

Yeah cheer up like keshi says!! Open the window and see the light...

Happy diwali. and why the slave dawn?

Abstruse hmmm , its ok I am like that.
why is the insatiable soul waiting for a 'defeated dawn'?
because its insatiable … its optimism is a tyrant
hmm which on s is difficult to understand ..
let me try to help you
Mighty Grey = Grey matter or Mind or rationality
Crimson = Heart or emotions
He = God or divinity or morality

Ahhh the eternal sweet Ms Keshi
Thank you dear .

Thank you Pallavi
My windows are open and light has been coming and leaving .

Dear Appu
As I said soul is Insatiable

according to me, the soul is content. its the human mind, the greys, which are insatiable!

but soul is slave of grey in this physcal existence

well, acc to me,
the grey is the slave of the physical existence, that of the material world!
soul, true, is said to be contained in us, but i feel it has nuthin to do with the material world! grey asks for gratification of all desires. hence, the grey is prey to pleasures and wealth, which will not be forever, whereas, the soul is forever...

well Dear if i understand , soul will vanish in supersoul after the demise of this physical world and loose its significance . its existence exist only in the physical world

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"so its Just the eternal Night and its slave Dawn."
it sounds too sad.... but then at times this seems the truth....

Anonymous says:

"Wishpering Moon has seduced the loneliness of existence" you have done it again! but this was the sensuous best-liner. too poignant.
"mighty grey ponders over the juvenile Crimson" bac to the grey passions to mourn for? but the poetic impact was nice

soul is insatiable?????????

soul is slave of grey in this physical existence??

you speak as if the soul is independent of your will, can somebody define soul??

slave of which grey, who controls the grey?? and what other existence is there apart from physical existence????????

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